CIS is First in LA to Perform Robotic-Assisted Peripheral Interventions

Cardiologists at Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS) in Lafayette are first in the state to perform advanced peripheral interventional procedures with a robotic-assisted peripheral vascular system at Lafayette General Medical Center.

The Corindus CorPath® GRX System is the first and only FDA-cleared medical device to bring robotic-assisted precision to coronary and peripheral vascular procedures while protecting medical professionals from radiation exposure occurring in hospital catheterization laboratories. Ultimately, Corindus aims to improve clinical outcomes while lowering radiation exposure to patients, the care team, and the physicians.

“The CorPath GRX System has completely transformed the way we approach treatment for chronic total occlusions,” said Dr. Louis Salvaggio, interventional cardiologist at CIS. “Long procedures can now be performed in the robotic suite allowing the physician to deliver safer and more precise care to a patient without additional radiation exposure or operator fatigue.”

CIS physicians plan to train upcoming medical professionals on the use of the robot and its capabilities for treatment of patients suffering with peripheral vascular disease.  CIS cardiologists continue to lead the way in performing advanced peripheral procedures in the region. CIS has developed a protocol for peripheral care, and the treatment for each patient is determined on an individual basis.

“Combining the enhanced visualization of the X-ray images with robotic precision transforms the way we perform peripheral vascular procedures and will ultimately improve patient care,” said Dr. Ankur Lodha, interventional cardiologist at CIS.  “Vascular robotics offers physicians and patients a minimally-invasive technology that advances the precision of procedures to help improve clinical outcomes while providing a safe working environment for the physicians and staff who care for these patients.”

“We are proud to be the first in the state to launch a vascular robotic program,” said David Konur, CIS CEO. “As an early adopter of this technology for peripheral vascular interventions, we are offering the highest level of vascular care possible to our patients and our community.”