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naturopathic medicine
when they talked about mind, body, and
spirit being in harmony, and one really can’t
consider themselves totally healthy unless
all three of those spheres are in balance,”
says Dr. Tom Buchmann, who practices
out of Buchmann Natural Health Center in
Baton Rouge. He is a graduate of Clayton
College of Natural Health (not certified by
the AANMC) in Birmingham, Alabama, and
he is not licensed in any state. He is also able
to practice in Louisiana through informed
Naturopathic practitioners believe that
while there is a time and a place for tra-
ditional medicine, naturopathy can offer
Adams agree that stress is the number one
cause of disease in this country, as it breaks
down the immune system, and if clients can
control stress, they will lead healthier lives.
The State of Naturopathic
Care in Baton Rouge
In Baton Rouge, residents who are curious
about how naturopathy can work for them
can find a few different naturopathic practi-
tioners to choose from, including Dr. Buch-
mann, Dr. Adams, and others.
“Everybody expresses a real interest,”
says Dr. Buchmann. “But the first question
is, ‘Do you take insurance?’ I think it’s sad
and really a shame that insurance doesn’t
pay for a healthcare that is proactive, that
really plays a major role in keeping people
healthy. Unfortunately, the way insurance
companies look at it is they would rather
wait until somebody becomes sick and then
pay for it on that end.”
While Louisiana continues to be an unli-
censed state, with insurance companies that
do not insure naturopathic care, it will be
difficult for naturopathic practitioners to
provide the natural treatment needed by
their clients in Baton Rouge and the rest of
the state.
Dr. Adams is relieved that more doctors
today have the tendency to go the naturo-
pathic route—still prescribing drugs, but
also including more natural remedies and
determining what’s causing the symptoms
rather than just treating them. All three doc-
tors hope that naturopathic care continues
to grow in the U.S. and that medical doc-
tors, too, begin to recognize prevention and
natural body support as viable options for
“Right now we have a disease manage-
ment system—we manage hypertension, we
manage diabetes, we manage patients with
a stroke. But you know what? They already
have it,” says Dr. Yanez. “If we can really start
focusing on true primary prevention, we’ll
be making so much of a greater impact in
the healthcare of Americans.”
“If we can really start focusing
on true primary prevention,
we’ll be making so much of a
greater impact in the healthcare
of Americans.”
JoAnn Yanez, ND, MPH
patients who are suffering from various dis-
eases, from cancer to constipation to depres-
sion, a natural alternative that can have dif-
ferent effects on their health.
A naturopathic consultation generally
lasts from one to two hours, which differs
greatly from the average 15 minutes of a tra-
ditional medical doctor’s appointment. Dur-
ing the consultation, the naturopathic prac-
titioner will thoroughly discuss with clients
their physical, mental, emotional, and even
spiritual health, looking for issues in diet,
exercise, allergies, work, and home envi-
ronments and, perhaps most importantly,
stress levels. Both Dr. Buchmann and Dr.