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MAR / APR 2014
Healthcare Journal of baton rouge
educational background and what he is
allowed to do as a naturopathic practitio-
ner. He trained with a former medical doctor
who transitioned into naturopathic medicine
and whomhe met while both were on a com-
mittee to decide whether or not naturopathic
medicine should be licensed in Louisiana.
“[Naturopathy] is a process of bringing
about health and wellness using natural
products or natural remedies other than
pharmaceuticals,” says Dr. Adams. “The
medications that are given [in traditional
medicine] treat the symptoms rather than
the source of the problem.”
In naturopathy, instead of treating the
symptoms of a disease, these practitioners
look for the root cause of the issue to allevi-
ate or even stop the symptoms altogether.
They also believe in prevention of diseases
by identifying potential issues and treating
those issues before they ever become a full-
fledged disease.
Naturopathic practitioners are also wary
of the potential side effects of medications,
which can cause more problems for the
patient in the long run. They turn instead to
natural remedies to give the body the tools
it needs to heal itself. This can include every-
thing from adjusting diet or water consump-
tion to using natural supplements or finding
ways to relieve stress at home.
“My belief is that if you can go to the core,
the initial problem, the cause of breakdown
in health and you work on that and get that
taken care of, then the body is naturally
going to heal itself because all healing comes
from within,” said Dr. Adams.
In addition to figuring out the actual cause
of a patient’s symptoms, naturopathic prac-
titioners believe in looking at the whole
body, the whole person, and how all of the
different aspects of life interact with each
other and the body. They take an individu-
alized approach rather than provide treat-
ments that might benefit a blanket of dif-
ferent people.
“I am a licensed addictions counselor, and
I just liked the way naturopathy sounded
Naturopathic practitioners have varying
definitions for naturopathic medicine. Dr.
JoAnnYanez, ND, MPH, executive director of
theAssociation of Accredited Naturopathic
Medical Colleges (AANMC), defines naturo-
pathic medicine as, “a profession where the
primary goal is guiding people using natural
therapy to support a patient’s innate symp-
toms and innate healing process. Naturo-
pathic medicine prevents, diagnoses, and
treats human health conditions, injuries, and
pain, but it does so naturally.”
Dr. Conrad Adams did not go to an
AANMC-certified school, but he is allowed to
practice in Louisiana through the informed
consent of clients who sign a waiver
acknowledging that they understand his
Dr. Conrad Adams
JoAnn Yanez, ND, MPH
naturopathic medicine