Pennington Biomedical Seeks Participants for PCOS Study

Scientists at Pennington Biomedical, along with Northwestern University in Chicago, are looking for African American women to participate in the Gene Mapping of PCOS research study to help identify which genes among women of different races may influence the development of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Participation in this research study will last approximately two hours and could provide important information for PCOS researchers.

To qualify for this research study, participants should be female, ages 18 – 40 years old; be African American; have been diagnosed with PCOS; not be pregnant; and be willing to undergo a blood test.

Those wishing to qualify for the Gene Mapping of PCOS study should visit to screen online.

To discuss the Gene Mapping of PCOS research study in more detail, contact a member of the study team by calling (225) 763-3000 or by emailing

Participants can earn up to $50 for study completion.

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