Pennington Biomedical Seeking Participants for RRAD Research Study

Scientists at Pennington Biomedical are working to better understand the potential links between high blood pressure and the risk for developing dementia.

The risk reduction for Alzheimer’s Disease (rrAD) research study is seeking individuals who take medication for high blood pressure. The study will assess whether controlling blood pressure levels, through exercise and/or standard blood pressure medications, could help reduce the risk of developing dementia.

To qualify for the rrAD research study, participants should be between the ages of 60-85 years old; have concerns about memory loss or have an immediate relative with a diagnosis of dementia; have high blood pressure, or be on medication for high blood pressure; and have a primary care physician.

If you would like to discuss the rrAD research study in more detail, please contact a member of the study team by calling (225)763-2973, or via e-mail at

Participants can earn up to $750 for study completion.

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